Deposit and payment plan options now live.

Deposit and payment plan options now live.

Following our Nerd Points program we have now taken the next step in making Nerd Toys UK a better experience for all our customer's both new and loyal regulars.

We have teamed up with the guys over at to provide the following options,

Option 1, secure any new pre-order with a minimum 10% deposit and pay the remaining balance within 5 days of stock shipping. You will have the option to increase the deposit but 10% will always be non-refundable.

Option 2, Payment plans. Put down a 10% non-refundable deposit and then get up to 16 weeks to clear the balance. You will have options to increase the deposit level (only 10% is non-refundable) and then select to pay over 4 payments either made every 1, 2 or 4 weeks until completed.

Nerd Points are accured as payments are made at the same rate of 1 point for every £1 spent.

  • Jason Mcquade

Store changes.

Since our last blog post which feels a long time ago now there has been a lot of little changes at Nerd Toys.

First while will always bring you to our store we now also have and we have recently added our new email

We have also add a free phone number, 0800 099 6376 (Nerd) open between 10 and 17.00 Monday to Friday.

But that's not all we now offer LayBuy for in stock lines as a payment option and are looking at other options for the future along side which is our pre-order option.

And of course we are always looking at increasing the level of stock we have and Hasbro is now really taking off with our new distribution partners and much more in the works but lets save that for another blog.

Finally don't forget to sign up for our Nerd Toys Newsletter and keep checking back at

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Nerd Points rewards

Nerd Points rewards

For some time now we have given unannounced freebies in our deliveries, be it a little bag of Haribo (in part to stop me eating them lol) to comics and keychains we love to give a little something back.**

So we have the next step in rewarding our loyal and growing customer base, Nerd Points.

Spend £1 and get 1 point.

100 points give a £5 discount (min order £25)

200 points give a £10 discount (min order £50)

and there is more rewards to come.

All signed up and new accounts get a 100 points bonus.


** Haribo and other gifts will continue to show up in orders.


  • Jason Mcquade